Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Prospects

So I've applied to several places and besides the insanely demoralizing lack of response from most potential employers, i have recieved four negative replys mainly through email but one company was kind enough to send an oldfashioned letter on official letterhead. I even got a phone interview last week. Unfortunately I don't think it went so well. I feel I was well qualified for the position but the interviewer asked a few of those generic interview questions that I completly flubbed. The most notable one was when he asked me to demonstrate a time when I took responsibility at a job. I choked out a couple of random exploits from my previous employments and threw out the cliche of getting things done when I had to.

So moral of the story be prepared for the interview, likely you're qualified for the job if you've gotten this far. At this point they're testing your people skills. Rehearse a few of those oddball questions they like to throw at you.
Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your strengths?

Also go through and write a paragraph or two about what you did at previous jobs and have that handy during a phone interview, so you don' have to come up with examples out of nowhere while you're stressing. They've allready looked at the short version on your resume and thats likely all you're going to recall while under the gun.

It's a tough market out there, don't sell yourself short.


  1. I would count you lucky, mate. I've been applying for an ungodly amount of jobs recently, haven't heard back period.

    Maybe just the employers in the UK are utter dickheads, but I'd prefer to hear rejection than nothing at all.

  2. Sorry about that man, good luck on future interviews, you should review those generic questions and have answers ready, made up probably.

  3. good luck, you'll get there =D I'm working part time atm, trust me its who you know and what you know. Just keep grinding and you'll get it though <3

  4. I know how you feel, recent college grad here, and the market is TERRIBLE, so frustrating at times

  5. im going through the same thing. can only get back up and work harder

  6. Good tip about having some stuff written down, but don't make it to literal. A good recruiter will be able to tell when you're just reading something aloud.