Thursday, October 28, 2010

Community ?!?!?!?SPOILER?!?!?!?

So NBC's Community put out a zombie episode that was about what you'd expect from a comedy sitcom halloween special. The dean buys some questionable appetizers from army surplus for the school's halloween party and every one starts running a fever and biting people. Abed and Troy's costume is probably the highlight of the episode. I really liked this show last season, but as with many sitcoms the formula gets old and attempts to liven things up generally fall flat after being sprayed with too much cheese. Also, what is up with Lady gaga's Poker Face song, it got referenced in three or four shows tonight.


  1. there's going to be a zombie series in AMC called walking dead i think its going to start tom or the next day

  2. what is this show? can we get a link up in here?

  3. @ i_love_weed

    Community is on NBC Thursday nite primetime before 30Rock and The office, but they put the show up on Hulu right away