Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WWZ review and update

Just finished listening to World War Z and must say it is pretty awesome. The audiobook was abridged and while it kept a coherent story I still want to go back and read WWZ to flesh out some of the stories. The story about the resupply pilot who has to ditch her plane over infected territory was definitely the highlight for me. I won’t tell you what happens except to say that it pulled a few tears from these hardened eyes. As other reviews have stated, the interviewer’s narration is stilted and redundant with such excellent voiceacting, including John Turtoro and that guy from MASH, bringing the emotions to life. But don’t let this discourage you, he doesn’t talk that much. Another aspect that I liked is how Max Brooks has incorporated the real life zombie fighting tactics he discusses in his earlier work The Zombie Survival Guide. Apparently WWZ is coming to the big screen, Brad Pitt is starring and producing but we’ll have to wait until 2012 to see it.
For those readers who have anxiously been awaiting my Guide to Living with Zombies, I must bow down to those who have come before me and simply recommend Brooks aforementioned guide as it is vastly superior to anything I might come up with. Also you might want to peruse this article for some more info on surviving the first wave. 

The armory is still in press though and will come out shortly after I review some of the more incendiary weapons. Stay Tuned.


  1. i have max brook's survival guide its freakin awesome and i already made a 4 floor basement
    i also have hamsters that can run anytime

  2. Mm.. Sounds like an awesome read. Luvin dem zombies.

  3. hahah, the article is hilarious. although it states some valid points i guess...

  4. dude i'm back from amsterdam.

    come check out all the cool pictures i took!

  5. is that fallout zombie apocalypse screen real???
    how does one get to play that????

    i must know ^^

  6. @ i_love_weed

    Step 1: Create Zombie virus
    Step 2: Release virus in highly populated area
    Step 3: Turn on television
    Step 4: Wait for it, all the major networks have a copy on cart